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Limestone Crushing Plant Analysis

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Case introduced
Introduction to limestone crushing:
Limestone is the trade name of limestone as a mineral raw material. It is widely distributed in China and has abundant reserves. It is an important road building material and an important raw material for burning lime and cement. It is an indispensable solvent limestone in the metallurgical industry. After ultra-fine grinding, limestone is widely used in the manufacture of paper, rubber, paint, paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products. The compressive strength of limestone is generally around 150 MPa, which belongs to soft rock. Therefore, the production process of limestone production line is selected, and the impact crusher is adopted. Limestone production line equipped with a mature impact crusher. This crusher is a new type of high-efficiency impact crusher, which is very suitable for crushing limestone, sandstone and other materials. The broken product is 95% <45mm.
Basic process of limestone production line:
Firstly, the stone blasted from the mountain is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher through the feeder to be initially crushed. The coarsely crushed semi-finished product is transported to the impact crusher through the belt conveyor for further crushing, and the secondary crushed stone is conveyed through the belt. The machine is sent to the vibrating screen to separate the stones of different specifications. The stones that meet the customer's grain size requirements are transported to the finished material pile through the belt conveyor. The stones larger than the size of the upper screen are returned to the impact crusher through the belt conveyor and broken again. Form a closed loop.
Limestone production line performance:
The limestone production line has high crushing efficiency, low power consumption, strong adaptability (especially suitable for medium and hard brittle materials), large crushing ratio, simplified production process and investment saving. We provides customers with comprehensive process solutions and technical support, as well as non-standard components according to the actual installation conditions of customers.

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