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Product Manager

职位数量:Number: 5 学历:Education Background: bachelor degree 工作地点:Workplace: Shanghai

Job description

1. Able to quickly learn and master relevant technical knowledge and product knowledge, with keen market capture and discrimination ability.

2. Integrate customer resources systematically, dredge sales channels, and take full charge of product promotion and sales.

3. Grasp customer needs, build channels, take the initiative to develop, and complete the tasks assigned by superiors.

4. Independently completed project planning and promotion, established and maintained good customer relations.

5. Grasp the market dynamics and report the market situation to the superior in time.

6. Formulated own sales goals and strategies according to the overall sales plan and strategy of the enterprise.


Post requirements

1. Education requirement: Full-time bachelor degree or above, CET-6

2. Gender requirements: no restriction

3, Major requirements: marketing, e-commerce is preferred
4. Age requirement: 20-35 years old.


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