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Iron Ore Crushing Plant Analysis

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Case introduced
Introduction to iron ore crushing scheme:
There are more than ten kinds of iron minerals in nature. Industrial iron minerals are mainly magnetite, hematite and imaginary hematite; followed by siderite and limonite. Iron ore is an important raw material for steel producers. Natural iron ore is gradually selected from iron after crushing, milling, magnetic separation, flotation, and re-election.
Iron ore beneficiation and crushing process:
Iron ore beneficiation, depending on the type and nature of the ore, can have a variety of different processes. The ore dressing plant generally uses a coarse, medium and fine broken three-stage crushing process to break the iron ore. The coarse and broken multi-purpose jaw crusher uses a cone crusher for medium and fine crushing. Through the coarse ore, it is then finely divided into fine particles suitable for entering the ball mill.
The iron ore is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse breaking. The coarsely broken material is sent by the belt conveyor to the coarse crushed cone for further crushing, and the crushed material is transported to the vibrating screen. The material that has been sieved to meet the particle size requirements of the finished product is transported to the finished product pile through the belt conveyor; the material that does not meet the particle size requirements of the finished product is returned from the vibrating screen to the broken or finely divided cone to form a closed loop. Finished product granularity can be combined and graded according to user needs.
Iron ore beneficiation and crushing process performance:
The iron ore beneficiation and crushing production line has high automation degree, high breaking rate, low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and fine granularity. Canmax provides customers with comprehensive process solutions and technical support, as well as non-standard components according to the actual installation conditions of customers.


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