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River Stone Crushing Analysis

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Case introduced
River Pebble Sand Making Program Introduction:
China's river pebble resources are numerous, its main chemical composition is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds, hard quality, with natural stone properties of compression, wear and corrosion resistance , is an ideal building material. At present, the river pebble sand production line has been continuously built, which has effectively guaranteed the supply of high quality gravel aggregates for national infrastructure projects.
The river pebble production process uses 0-40mm gravel (gravel) as raw material, and adopts vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) in the production line configuration. This crusher is our latest sand making machine with crushing efficiency. High (with fine crushing, coarse grinding function), simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operating cost, excellent product granularity (in the form of cubes and needle-like content).
The basic process of the river pebble production line:
There are many river pebble resources in China, which vary from place to place. Therefore, when configuring the equipment, the wear resistance of the solution should be put in the first place. Large particle size can refer to the crushing of granite and basalt; small particle size needs to be pre-screened to reduce production cost;
Take the river pebble below 200mm as an example: the material is pre-screened in the raw material warehouse through the feeder and belt conveyor to the 1# vibrating screen. The material larger than 40mm enters the cone to break and break, and the 5-40mm enters the vertical impact break. Broken, 0-5mm into the sand washing machine after cleaning directly out of the finished product. After the cone is broken and crushed, the 2# vibrating screen is sieved, and the return cone larger than 40mm is broken and re-crushed to form a closed loop. The vertical impact is less than 40mm. The 3# vibrating screen is sifted on the vertical impact, and the vertical vertical impact of more than 20mm is broken to form a closed loop. The less than 20mm material is transported to the finished material pile via the belt conveyor, which can be considered according to the cleanliness of the raw materials. The 0-5mm material is sent to the sand washer for cleaning.
River Pebble Sand Production Line Performance Introduction:
The sand production line has reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, low operating cost, high breaking rate, energy saving and environmental protection, large output and easy maintenance. The produced mechanism sand meets the national construction sand standard, the product has uniform particle size, good granular shape and reasonable gradation. .
The equipment configuration of the sand production line is mainly determined by the customer's specifications for the sand and the output and the use of the sand. We provide the solution and technical support, configure the process according to the customer's production site, and strive to achieve the most reasonable and economical production line for the customer.

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