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MH Series Multiple Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Product introduction

MH series hydraulic cone crusher has the features of high production, good cubical shape and low energy consumption. Compared with
other types of cone crusher, MH has a longer crushing stroke and higher crushing ratio. MH can make full use of lamination crushing effect when
feed fully, the final product particle size composition is more stable and aggregates shape are much better.
The automatic hydraulic iron release function can immediately discharge the unbreakable materials. The iron release hydraulic cylinder
can let the iron block and other unbreakable materials pass through the crushing cavity without breaking-down. Then MH can automatically
return to the former production CSS setting. MH has longer vertical stroke of the hydraulic clearing system can make the jammed material
drop easily by pressing one button, which reduces or even avoids the workload of labors, reduces the break-down time and maximizes the
production efficiency.
The simple and reliable concave locking structure can protect your MH from damaging due to lock failure caused by vibration of the
environment during operation. The design of flexible hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder make it easy for you to discharge outlet settings.
MH adopts more convenient and firm locking way without chemicals filling the gap, which greatly reduces the replacement time. MH can
be changed to different cavity only by replacing different mantel and concave, so that you can maximize your investment returns.

1. The Unique and optimized structure with a fixed main shaft and an eccentric busing rotating around the shaft greatly improves the
crushing efficiency with low noise.
2. Hydraulic Operation System, convenient and reliable From safe cavity clearing to adjustment and locking, hydraulic system
guarantees the stability, convenient and reliable production by reducing downtime.
3. Integrated hydraulic and Lubrication system with automatic control
4. Better cubical shape products with lower power cost and lower parts wearing.
5. Multiple application by flexible cavities converting.

Popular Models: MH160, MH200, MH315

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