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SH Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Product introduction
Canmax SH Crusher is born on the Aggregates and Mining business demands: Big Capacity, Quality products, High Energy Efficiency, Lower
Operation Cost and Easy Maintenance. With high level automation and proper eccentricity, raw materials can get laminated crushed into good
cubical shape by even feeding and proper discharge opening setting.

1. Special crushing cavity type, reasonable eccentricity, ideal swing frequency and laminating crushing result in higher capcaity, bigger crushing ratio and better cubical shape.
2. Sturdy equipment structures and advanced overload protection systems ensure long -term operation in hard rock crushing applications with low failure rates.
3. The positive pressure dust control system ensures that the lubrication system is always clean and the equipment is free from dust pollution during operation without
additional lubrication seal and manual maintenance.
4. High degree of automation, simple operation
5. Easy to maintain, most parts can be disassembled and assembled in the upper and side parts, which can reduce the labor workers and improve production efficiency.
6. Special mantel and concave design can greatly reduce the spares costs.

Popular Models: SH220, SH315

Corresponding Popular models: 
HST100, HST160, HST250, HST315
CCS837T,CCS848T, CCS855T, CCS831, CCS837,CCS848, CCS855,
GP100S, GP200S, GP300S, GP500S, GP100, GP220,GP330, GP550
CH830i, CH440, CH660, CH430, CH420, CS660, CS440, CS430, CS420


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