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Canmax Enjoys Beihai Trip on Reaching Annual sales Tar

Release time:2021-01-18 10:05:27 Source:未知

Canmax has been keeping tradition of Annual traveling before Chinese New Year to celebrate the achivement of the whole year's work. We used to travel to Tailand, Indonisia, Sanya, etc the years before. This Year the business is very hard due to Corona Virus, Bad USD AND RMB exchange rate and floating freight. But Canmax People overcomed all the difficulties and reach the annual sales target of 50 millions USD with much hard working. 

This time we select Beihai City in Guangxi Province to celebrate our achivement. The laughter on the Road will encourage us to reach a new Peak in the new 2021. 

By this Chance, we want to thank all our Canmax Client for your support in the past years. May you have a wonderful business in 2021. We will keep on supplying quality products and service to all our overseas clients. 

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