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How to select the suitable secondary Crusher

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For a classic Aggregates crushing plant, primary Crusher is always Jaw Crusher. But it will confuse most starters to select the suitable secondary crusher from Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher. 

May the below tips help you, my friend: 

1. Price:  Cone Crusher is most expensive among the 3.
               normally, for the same capacity quarry plant, the price from high to low:  Cone Crusher > Impact Crusher > Jaw Crusher

2. Application: Impact Crusher is always chosen to crush soft or medium hard stones like limestone, gypsum, coal, etc. If you use impact crusher to crush riverstone or granite, the wearing parts cost will be so high and maintainess will become your headache. 
                        Cone crusher is good to crush hard stones like river stone, granite, etc. 
                        Jaw Crusher can be selected to crush both hard or soft stones. (the wearing to fight hard stones, of couse, more heavy than soft stones)

3. wearing parts lifetime:  
                                         Cone Crusher > Jaw Crusher > Impact Crusher  
(from long to short)
                                         Cone Crusher wearing parts (mantel and concave)
                                         Jaw Crusher wearing parts (fixed jaw plate, swing jaw plate, toggle plate, etc)
                                         Impact Crusher wearing parts (hammers, liners, impact plates, etc)

4. Final product Aggregates Cubical shape: 
Impact crusher > Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher > Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher >Symons Spring Cone crusher> Jaw Crusher 
If you target in Road, Dam, Airport, High Standard Concrete, etc Project, you have to consider this tip. 

5. maintainess time and spares consumption:
Jaw Crusher < Cone Crusher < Impact Crusher
Impact crusher has over 100 pcs of wearing parts, while jaw crusher and cone crusher only have two wearing parts and serves much longer, so the maintainess time cost for cone crusher is much much less. 

6. products size distribution:  Impact Crusher gives more fine products percentage than cone crusher
                        0-6mm     6-10mm    10-14mm    14-20mm
JAW+JAW        15%          20%           20%            45%
JAW+CONE      20%         20%           20%            40%
JAW+IMPACT   25%         18%           22%            35%

You should accoculate which way can max your business profit. 

After reading above, you may become more confused. LOL. Do not worry, contact us, tell us your wanted capacity, your stone name, your aggregates application, we will help you to select the most suitables one for you. 

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