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Why should we put Stock Pile between Primary Crusher And Sec

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Many quarry starters may doubt Why I am given an crusher design with a Stock Pile between Primary Crusher and Secondary Crusher, wasting my budget for adding 2 extra conveyors (short one and long one) and doing extra civil work for a underground concrete works under the stock Pile. Below we will explain to you the reasons:

1. Saving Power.
Quarry guys know stone crushing needs a lot of power. Normally 1t output needs around 2.2 - 3 Kwh Electricity (based on 0-25mm products) averagely. So how to save power consumption become a key issue for quarry guys to increase their Profit.
Normally Crusher plant is a fully connected system. You have to keep all the machines working when you feed the stones in the system. But If for some reason like

Inefficient management/
Breaking down excavators or dumpers/
Feeding too big size rock to crushers (all the crusher plant has max feeding size)/
Not Good blasting Plan (most raw stones are from blasting)

you can not feed the crusher properly, but all the machines are running waiting for the stones coming. It is totally a waste of power for doing waiting. If we put Stock Pile between primary crusher and Secondary Crusher, we break 1 connected system into 2 small system. We can just run Primary Crusher Part, when we get enough stock pile materials, we can start the Secondary Crusher Part, thus making full use of electricity. 

2. Increasing Production Efficiency
    2.1  If Crusher Plant is one connected system, when you do any maintainess (like replacing spares) in the system, you have to stop all the machines until maintainess done, which is a big loss for quarry boss. So with stock Pile, when you do maintainess on Part A, Part B can work, thus you can have no-stop production. 
    2.2  Many Quarry guys wants to do double shifts to 
Finalizing an Order, but inefficient stone mining at night may make it difficult to feed the crusher properly. While, with stock Pile, You can mine as much as you can at daytime and feed to the primary crusher. At night, Secondary Crusher may have enough stones to eat for hours from the stock Pile. 

3. Reducing the Cost of Parts Wearing
Hydraulic Cone Crusher is good to be fed fully, stones crush stones in the cone crusher cavity, thus to make good cubical shape products with much less wearing cost per each tonage product. Without stock pile, cone crusher will be fed off and on, product shape can not be good and parts wearing will be high; With Stock Pile, You can run cone crusher when there are enough materials at stock pile. 

4. Good for Feeding big Size Rock and Future Expension. 
A fully connected crusher system is just like a Hooped Bucket. The short one indicate the capacity. For example, you have big primary crusher, but small secondary crusher, the capacity is just near your secondary crusher capacity. Many quarry guys want crusher plant with a big feeding mouth, thus they do not need to budget too much on stone blasting and Raw stone Pre-breaking (need a lot of excavator and hydraulic hammer work). But big feeding size need big mouth primary jaw crusher, and big mouth primary jaw crusher is big body big model with big capacity. And their required capacity are always not that big, so they choose small capacity secondary crusher. 
With Stock pile between big primary crusher and small secondary crusher, you can run primary crusher 1 hour and stop the machine waiting for secondary crusher to finish the pile in 2 hours. 
In the future, when you want to expend the plant capacity, you can add another secondary crusher part to making full use of primary crusher and thus increase the capacity. 

If you are not clear about the above anylysis, please contact us for communication. Also More Quarry friends are welcome to contact us for other quarry operating issues. 

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