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Jaw Crusher Maintenance Notes

Release time:2021-01-08 17:41:12 Source:未知

Problems and solutions of common faults in using and Maintaining jaw crusher.


Generally speaking, all parts can be regarded as wearing parts except jaw crusher shell. Specifically speaking, the wearing parts of jaw crusher are movable jaw, fixed jaw, toggle plate, spring and pull rod.


The following items should be noted in the maintenance and use of jaw crusher:


1. After the machine is started,  materials should be fed after jaw crusher runs normally. 

2. When feeding materials to jaw crusher, feeding shall be evenly and side feeding shall be avoided to prevent load mutation or unilateral sudden increase;

3, When jaw crusher works, timely lubrication work should be done to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life;

4. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of jaw crusher bearing should not exceed 30 ° C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ° C, otherwise it will affect the use of the machine and shorten the life of the machine. Therefore, the machine should be stopped immediately to check the causes and eliminate them;

5. Before stopping the machine, the feeding work should be stopped first, and the motor can only be turn off after all the materials in the jaw crusher cavity are eliminated.

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