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Basic Knowledge about Crushers

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There are many kinds of crushing machinery, according to different crushing principle, there are many kinds of crushing machinery used in heavy mines, such as jaw crusher, its crushing ability is to rely on the jaw that can move to periodically overstock fixed plates, will be added in the middle of the ore crushing;There are also impact crushers, materials by the rapid rotation of the crushing machinery parts impact, and crushing.Rotary crusher, mobile crusher and other crushing machinery.There are so many kinds of crushing machines, each of which works in a different way.


It works on a variety of principles.For example, the hammer crusher equipment, mainly rely on the impact force to break materials.The counterattack crusher relies on the accumulated pressure of two working faces close to each other.These working principles, the degree of fragmentation of the material is also different.And various kinds of crushing machinery and different specifications, so their range of use is also different.So make sure you listen to professional advice when you buy.


In the maintenance of the crushers, be sure to be ready to prepare the tools, that is, tight pliers, strong wrench, screwdriver and so on.When the crushing machine produces some damage, it is necessary to do the replacement of the items, so the inspection should be done with some commonly used parts that can be replaced, such as exercise rings, chain and nuts, etc.Of course, lubricating oil and turbine oil are also indispensable.In the process of detection, must be the first crushing machinery of the motor, as well as the reducer for detection, because this is to provide power for the crusher, and decelerate the part, is crucial, the detection must be careful.

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